Contact Lens Care Tips You May Not Know

Each year, it seems it becomes more and more easy to care for your contact lenses. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. To maintain optimum eye health, you need to be proactive about caring about your contact lenses. Here are a  couple of contact lens care tips you may have not been aware of.

  1. Rub your lenses
    Unless you wear daily disposables, you should be removing your lenses and storing them overnight in contact lens solution. But did you know that you’re also supposed to rub your lenses. Put the lens on your palm and put a few drops of solution on it. Then using your index finger, rub the lens on each side for around 15 seconds. This removes the dirt and debris from the surface of the lens and you will notice they feel much more comfortable once you incorporate this routine.
  2. Change your case
    Every 3 months, you need to use a new case. This is because bacteria will build up in your case over time. You may be able to get rid of some of the bacteria by putting your lens case in boiling water, but experts recommend replacing the case altogether.
  3. Only use quality solution
    Avoid generic contact lens solution. Many people will claim it is the same thing, but it is not. I have firsthand experience in this, and found the generic brands irritated my eyes. The irritation went away once I switched back to a brand name solution like Alcon. I like to buy my solution cheaply from when I order my contact lenses.

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